La Cena 3D Diamond Coating Non-stick Frying Pan Set of 4


Are you tied of cleaning your pan? Do you worry about the sticky burning residuals? Are you afraid of the Teflon over regular non-stick pans? All your concerns can be solved by La Cena 3D Coating Frying Pan.

La Cena is a world famous cookware manufacturer where products have been sold over the world. La Cena is popular for its high tech and user friendly features.

Features (demonstrated in the video):

  • 3D Coating: Interior Coating (Anion, Ceramic) + Aluminum Body + Exterior Coating(Ceramic)
  • 3D Coating is heat preservation and anti-scratch
  • Non-stick under any temperature for easy cleaning
  • Cook with less or no oil for a healthy life style
  • Non-heat-conductive handle
  • One step casting for durable use
  • non-exudative glass lid

The set includes:
  • 24cm fry pan 26cm wok (UPDATED FROM 24cm fry pan to 26cm wok due to customer feedback!)
  • 28cm fry pan
  • 28cm wok
  • 28cm glass lid

Watch the video for comparison with other pans!!